Go All the Way to Sari Mertha


I’ve been so fond with Balinese food since wayyy before, even before it crossed my mind that one day I would live in Bali myself.
Good thing, it was quite easy to find nasi lawar or babi guling/ suckling pig almost everywhere. But not with this one: sate lilit and sate ikan/ fish satay.

Sate lilit and sate ikan are two of my most favorite satay in Bali, I should say. Once I tasted a good one in Warung Made but it was quite pricey, and another one in Warung Mertasari in Karang Asem area but it was pretty far. Those two are definitely not for a daily basis. So I’ve been looking for a place with a good sate lilit with affordable price nearby. Found some but not really satisfying somehow.
And yesterday, I’m so happy that my friend got introducting me to this Pondok Makan Sari Mertha.

Pondok Makan Sari Mertha is located in Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran/Nusa Dua right after the exit gate of the Mandala Highway. Take left from the exit and go straight around 200m. Drive a bit slowly or you might miss their sign. You can park your motorcycle on their little parking spot, or just park your car on the sideways.



The place itself is far from luxiorous, only a small place with few simple table and chair. On the first sight, the food on the shelf might not really looks attractive, and there are not many variety of foods. It’s just some Balinese style vegetables, something minced, some perkedel, and of course their speciality: sate lilit and sate ikan.
But please don’t be decieved, the food is full with modest goodness. I ordered a plate with a bit of every kind, served with a bowl of hot fish soup.
As I took my first bite, I realised that all of them is made by fish. Their sate ikan is made from sliced tuna, the sate lilit is from minced tenggiri fish mixed with lemon grass and coconut, even their perkedel is from fish as well.
A plate full of fish and it’s really good!

And at the top of it, the price is Rp 10.000,- only! I could go there everyday :’)

So if you are happen to be in Bali and looking for some eating place that modestly good with cheap price around Nusa Dua, why don’t you try to pay a visit to Pondok Makan Sari Mertha?
We might one day bump each other there 😉


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