Sate Lilit, All Over Again


I think the good God of Sate Lilit Ikan has been smiling unto me recently. After a trip to Sari Mertha from my previous post, I thought nothing could beat them on sate lilit and sate ikan dishes, in term of their combination of goodness and cheap! But it was only until I found this new spot accidentally.

When I was browsing on the internet for some other topic, there’s a link that brought me to the article about authentic sate lilit and sate ikan stall just around Ubud area. The hint was around the Ubud intersection with the big Arjuna statue, but they didn’t give the exact point where it is, so I managed myself to browse and look carefully to the left and right as I drove my car around the area.

And there I found it in Jl. Raya Ubud, around 100m before Bali Buda Mart on the other side of the road. It might be around here. You can park your car on the sideway, it isn’t really crowded.

It’s a really small yet traditional stall, just consists of a small display table under the umbrella and some small plastic chairs for customer to sit. Very very modest place, yet so authentic. The signature dishes are of course the sate lilit and sate ikan/ fish satay.

I met a very humble woman as a seller that day, she kindly explained all food she had to offer. She said that the sate lilit is made from mashed seasonal fish flavored with mixed spices and herbs, like lemon grass, coconut milk, lime leaves with hint of tumeric and chilli, while sate ikan/ fish satay is made from small chunks of tuna.
Beside the satay, she also offered another option of dishes like pepes ikan, Balinese style vegetables, and fish ball soup.

I went for sate lilit, sate ikan, and pepes. I ordered 10 pieces of satay (5 of each) and one portion of pepes. Because I already ate somewhere else, I chose it for to go. So she wrapped it up and I paid Rp 12.000,- only.

One thousand for one piece of satay and two thousand for pepes.
Oh my good Lord….

And so I drove back to my place at Kuta area, around 60minutes driving. As I arrived, I put on the rice on rice cooker and waited unpatiently to get the taste of this; at the same price, will the taste be comparable to Sari Mertha’s?

Got my rice set and warm, then I fill my plate and took my first bite.
Oh my good God of sate lilit ikan, it was soooooooooo goooooooodddd :’)
Despite its cheap price, the taste was so rich in flavor!
As authentic as any – hot, chewy, spicy, and savory.

And I immediately regretted it: why did I only order for 10 pieces? :'(((
It was sooooo goood until I think I could eat this forever.
Definitely will come back again to Ubud to eat more of this!

So yeah, if you happen to be in Ubud and wanna indulge your tastebud with authentic Balinese food, this one is definitely a go.
I’m not only recommending this place, I really suggest you to try by your own.

Because until now I’m still mourning over the finished pile of this satay and couldn’t move on yet ;’)



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