Greeting from Under the Sun!


When you’re on a golden sea
You don’t need a memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone

On an island in the sun
We’ll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can’t control my brain

My other 2014 resolution was “exploring Bali hidden beach” and so me and some dearest friend had been talking about going to the beach since weeks ago, yet couldn’t be happened due to the gloomy weather here. It’s been raining most of the times lately.
But just as if it meant to be, right on the weekend, unexpectedly the sun was shining brightly. And so there we went away!

Our first destination was Pandawa Beach. Located at Kutuh village on very south area of Bali, about an hour driving from Kuta area. This is one new hotspot beach that quickly becomes favorite among the tourist. It has a very stunning view that will hypnotize you right at the first time you enter the ticket gate. You just need to pay Rp 5.000,- for car and I think it’s around Rp 1.000,- or Rp 2.000,- per person. I tell you, this price is literally nothing compared to the view that awaits you down there!

As you pass the ticket gate, you’ll be amazed by the high cliff of limestone surround you. Yes, the road itself was built passing through the limestone hills. Leaving you astonished with such a view; the combination of the high cliff and blue sky.



Don’t be amazed yet. Later, you’ll realize there are holes being carved artistically on the limestones hills with the statues of Pandawa character inside. I guess, there are where the name of Pandawa Beach comes from.


Amazed already? Please save that until you see the breathtaking view that awaits you.
And yes, welcome to Pandawa Beach Bali!




The sand is so white and clean, combined with the turquoise sea under the blue sky. Who can resist the temptation of jumping right on the water?
Well, definitely not us!



Even my baby was enjoying it xD I got a hard time to take him out of the water. He seemed being so in love with the blue sea and the wave! Such a Balinese baby, and I bet his mom genes running down on him. Love you, kesayangan!

A white sand beach, a perfect blue sky, gradient blue of the sea with gentle waves.
It was indeed a very remarkable day under the sun for all of us. This beach is surely a gem!
Definitely will be back for more :’)

The Pandawa Beach was exceptionally beautiful, but it didn’t mean that our journey has ended.
Yours truly still had another beach to explore on the list πŸ˜‰

Not far away from Pandawa, just another 10-15 minutes driving, there we arrived in our next destination. It was known as one of some Bali hidden beach: Green Bowl Beach.

Green Bowl Beach was previously known as Bali Cliff Beach, and we found out the reason why this was called hidden beach, just right after we arrived there. As we jumped out from our car and glanced around, this incredible view welcomed us beautifully.
So serene, so quiet. I thought I could forever look unto this scenery.


Only some foreigner tourists and local seller were there, not overcrowded like in Pandawa.
And the reason why this is called hidden beach is, because the beach is hidden under the rock stair, consists of hundreds of steps.
I bet, not much people are willing to go all the way like that.
But we enjoyed though, the green scenery as we walked down there was so refreshing πŸ™‚



I think it was consist around 300 something steps down there. We tried to count at first but stopped at one hundred, just about one third of the journey.
And after that, this is the scenery awaited us down there.
A virgin hidden beach only for your own.





We stunned over this view.
This kind of scenery is worth all the pain and effort,
We did nothing, only took some pictures, but mostly we tried to absorb this beautiful energy to our soul. No words could describe how beautiful it was, even the picture couldn’t do justice.
Not only pleased our eyes, it pierced deep unto our soul.

I wish this beach will remain as hidden as now, with no heartless tourist that would destroy its pure ness with their noise and trash.
Let Green Bowl Beach will remain a hidden gem for people who seeks serenity.

And as we finished our visit over, we still had to go up for another 300something steps x’))
There, the challenge began x’))


But heyyyyyy, we conquered it at the end!
No matter how tiring it was, the view down there was still worth all the pain.
And just like Ratih said:
beautiful things hide in a place, where you need extra efforts to seek it.
And that makes you can feel how priceless those beauty is.

Till then, Green Bowl!

And thank you for this priceless adventure, Ratih and Tami.
I’m so grateful to have you both here :’)
Can’t wait to explore Bali together with you :*


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