“It’s Not My Fault I Love Gelato” by Lello Lello Gelato


Some days ago, my fellow acquaintance from film production I worked before, was apparently visiting Bali. She’s couple years younger than me, a petite lady, but a very hardworking one, and also a lovable person. It’s been quite years since the last time we met, so I couldn’t wait for our meet up and I was thinking hard about where should I take her.
And the end I chose this gelato place around Petitenget area: Lello Lello Gelato.

It located in Jalan Kayu Aya, no 21 Seminyak, just right next to Sea Circus Cafe and Restaurant. Design-wise, it’s pretty unique and catchy. I’ve been driving pass this place for couple of times already and been thinking to pay a visit to this place one day. Therefore I was so glad that finally I had my reason to come!
Due to the narrow road and they don’t have their own parking spot, then I had to park my car on Petitenget Beach, around 200m from Lello Lello. That’s quite convenient though, because it’s really spacious over there and the area itself is pretty much friendly for pedestrians with few interesting stores along the way.

And just after we got in to the place, the first thing that caught our attention was their graffitis all across the wall. Designed with interesting quote about gelato and combined with nice handwriting typography, made it really pleasing to our eyes. Also, they have some spacious area, both inside and on their terrace, that surely make it a very comfortable place to hang out and gather around with friends.

As we approached the gelato display area, we’ve been spoiled with so many unique variety of their gelato flavor. It required us to take some time mumbling to ourselves and trying the tester one by one. Oh my, so many option with so many signature flavor that we rarely found anywhere else. What should we get? That was the ultimate question of the day.


And still, at the end we couldn’t make a decision what we gonna chose, and we were so saved by their “DEGUSTAZIONE” option. Basically, it was their tasting plate menu with 5 scoops of our preferences. So, yeah, pardon our greediness, but we definitely had to choose that one :’)


Here it was, our degustazione plate, with 5 glass of our chosen gelato: Tangerine Mint (sort of fresh citrus with mint), The Carmodede (guava mixed with mascarpone), Beng Beng (yes, that chocolate product!), Snoop Dog (choco! Choco! Choco!), and Rumballs (choco gelato with dash of rum and coconut). Again, pardon our greediness, but just as what’s been written on the wall:
“It’s not my fault I love gelato!” πŸ˜‰

Five scoops of degustazione plate just costed us Rp 90.000,-. It cannot beat the combination of cheap price and quality taste of Gusto Gelato, but I would say that it’s still quite cheap. Yes, considering their area, the spacious and comfortable place, also the variety of flavor and taste; the price can still be considered as cheap.
I mean, I’ve been to some other gelato places whom costed more than this and their taste wasn’t as good as Lello Lello.

We definitely had a really good time chatting over those 5 cups of gelato. A tummy full of gelato is a happy tummy x’D
Again, just as they said:
“Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for gelato!”
Definitely will come back again for more πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹




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