Nothing’s Impossible on Impossible Beach


Hidden beaches are scattered all over the place in Bali. Follow some small rocky road, and ta-daaaaa, you might end up a virgin one.
Beach, that’s what I mean 😉
And on our last weekend, we made our little journey on one.
One small hidden beach, called Impossible Beach

The Impossible Beach is located in the village of Pecatu in Uluwatu area, on the same coast line. with other famous beaches such as Balangan Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Dreamland Beach and many others. Apparently, its location is just right before the famous. Padang-Padang, but it stays quite hidden because there’s no sign at all from the main road. The only exist sign is just right before the rocky stairs, as the access to the beach.

The access itself is quite unique and has some difficulty to get through. I heard, that is where the word “impossible” is come from. Back in the days, it was really difficult to be reached due to its challenging track down there. It’s surely much better now, though it still requires a strong effort to go down and up again later on. But it’s really possible to do so, even I did it back and forth by carrying this little heavy one (and still managed to smile!! Hahaha!)

And down there, it’s a very stunning beach; a beautiful rocky beach with white sands and light blue sea. An incredible view that made us held our breaths by second, just to grasp the serene atmosphere and listen to the sound of waves.
God must had been a really good mood when He created this island. Such a paradise in my motherland, as always.



Nobody was there, but us, that day, so it felt quite as a private beach of our own. The effort of getting down there was really paid of. I think that’s one awesome reason why we should make a little journey to a hidden gem like this.
We did nothing, but laying down on the sand to enjoy the afternoon. Jumping under the water, or just letting the water touched our feet, anything. Life’s been good under the sun :’)




Back in my single days, I frequently managed some getaway to visit a beach and go under the blue somewhere. I would swim and dive myself all the way, just to release out anything that burdened my mind and heart. This might not as close as what I used to, but I was very much at ease after that. The energy from the sun and sea was recharging the spirit inside of me. Definitely will do that more often!

I really thank my friend who accompanied me through this little journey. It feels great to cross another beach on my bucket list this year. And after all, the laughter shared in beach is a joy that brightens up our day 🙂
Till then, till the next beach adventure. Let’s lock out any other beaches around!



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