A Good Doze of Sunset


Whenever I feel weary and troubled, I always find myself going somewhere to find some little space for me sitting down and doing nothing.
I might go to some coffee shop and order a very bitter red-eye coffee, or sometimes I just drove myself randomly at night around the city.

And just this day, one phonecall weighted my heart all of sudden and caused me crying without any sound.
That was hurt somehow…
And so I looked out the balcony and saw the sun started to set off over a blue with a spark of golden sky. It was 05.54 pm, I had about half an hour before it went out completely.
Without a second thought, I carried my baby and jumped on the car, driving ourselves to the nearest beach possible to catch the sunset.

And there it was. I laid myself on the bean bag on the beach, staring over a sun that was ready to set off. Accompanied by the melody sang by the sea, I calmed myself down.

The pain still there, and so the problem is. But it felt lighter inside.
Again, I remember about acceptance.
That there are things we don’t want to happen, but happens anyway. And all that left to us, is just learn to accept.
As simple as that.

After all, a good doze of sunset and sound of waves have always been a great remedy to mind and soul :’)




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