My Best Ex’s Wedding


Hey, it sounds pretty cool as a movie title, doesn’t it?

Ah anyway, here comes one of the most anticipated wedding of the year. A wedding of one of my ex, as I’ve mentioned earlier. Even our story has come to an end, He has always been one of the most special guy in my life.
I met him at the first time during my orientation in Seattle. He was one of the senior that sat on our group table, and we had been closer ever since. With just a blink of eye, there was all began. He’s been a true companion of mine during my time in Seattle. Knowing my big ambition, he helped me to stand tall along those times and helped me back up again. Two and half year, he never ceased to be the one who stood beside me in any kind of situation, any kind of condition. He’s a very kind one, a gentleman rarely found these days. I have to say, I’m really grateful to have a chance having him by my side.
But there was time when I was still young and foolish. No matter how kind he was, I used to take him for granted and at one point, we parted our way.

I always think he made a right decision that day, which finally opened up his world and possibility for someone that he truly deserves.
That was a good break up with good intention (no need to mention the broken heart phase xD), and we remain good friend. When I met my current hubby, I introduced them to each other. Even my hubby knows him pretty well based on my story.
I couldn’t be happier when I heard he met his true half, and I almost jumped out excitement when later I heard he was planning for a wedding. Didn’t take any second to decide that I would come.

And just as any other girl that wouldn’t come alone to their ex’s wedding, but brought their newest date, surely I wouldn’t come alone as well. Here’s my partner date on my best ex’s wedding 😉


The wedding party was held in Sampoerna Strategic Square in Jakarta. As expected, it was kinda designed with his favorite character ever, Totoro! There were a big Totoro doll at the entrance, and his wedding cake was full with mini Totoro figure. It was really cute and truly represented him.




As I saw them walked down the aisle, glowing with radiant happiness, I smiled from cheek to cheek. My heart almost bursted from tears of joy.
They were so perfectly fit together, I could see how much in love they are. And as I saw that he stole a kiss to her forehead, it warmed my heart. He has always been that kind of person; when he loves a woman, he goes all the way. He has been a special one, and seeing him on a good hand is relieving :’)
I think they truly deserve each other.


Anddddd, there is another thing that makes this wedding special: chance to meet many friends I hadn’t been met for years. Since we both was on the same group of friend in Seattle, his wedding also took a place as our reunion party!
There are some of us already going back for good to our different cities. This Seattlelites reunion was surely one highlight of the day 😀

They are some good friends that feels just like our other family. Living so far away from home just felt easier with them around.

Another person I met with was his other ex before me xD
We both agree that we were the happiest ex in the world last night, to see our dearest ex finally tying knots with somebody he really deserves of.


So again, congratulation dear Cleric Bezoe!
Wish you tons of happiness more than anything you ever know!


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