To Those Unborn Soul


Dear all little angels that now reside on God’s peaceful arms…

How is it, living up there?
I bet it’s much better than a life you could have here in this world. That should be safer and happier, being next to the Creator Himself.
But even so, do you ever wonder how warm your mother’s arm are?
Do you ever wonder how would if feels like to have your chance to be born?

There’s so many kind of mother out there, I don’t know which one are yours.
She might be the one, who wanted you so badly but had to make her choice despite her true wish. It might be because of health problem, a life-threatening one, and for safety-wise, she had to let you go.
She might be the one, who unexpectedly had to lose you. When there happened to be some abnormality, misscarriage, or evenly you were born way to early.
She might be the one, who still cries upon your missing. The one, whose bed still unbelievable wet with her tears after you were gone. Every single night.
Or…, she might be the one, who had no choice but to abort you due to some hard circumstances. The one, who had to let you go rather than to bring you in this cruel and harsh world, and believe it would be a better decision for you.
She might be the one, who already moves on with her own life and pursues her own dream and happiness without you around. She might still remember you, she might not.
In that case, would it make you sad?

You, little angels, who once blossomed while bearing no sin and left without having one…
I don’t know which one are yours.
But no matter which one she is, it doesn’t matter.
No matter you are forgotten or not, it doesn’t matter.
There were no mistakes upon your existances.
Nevertheless, you were once an inseparable part of her life and you might already change her forever. The memory of you would’ve been crafted into their mind, and your short existences would’ve forever remained.

I’m having each of you on my mind this day and I’m sending you all prayer up above, so you would remember; you are loved.
No matter the situation was, you are loved.
No matter how cruel it sounds like, you are loved.
It might hurt back then, but now you are still loved.
Your mother’s arm should be warm, but so does the heaven up there, where now you reside with warmth and peace.

Hold no regret, hold no grunge, little angels.
Watch your mother from up above lovingly, and you would see her, -at one point of her life-, look above and wonder the same thing as you do.
How would it feel like if you have your chance to be born?

And until then, just remember…
You are loved.

You are always loved.

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Hari ke-3

*inspired while seeing my baby slept so peacefully this afternoon, and being grateful that I decided to fight hard for him.


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