And the Dream Stays Still – A Letter For Mr. @jokoanwar


Halo, Bang @jokoanwar

Currently I’m challenging myself by joining #30HariMenulisSuratCinta’s event from @poscinta in twitter. Basically, I have to consistently write one love letter every single day, with some specific themes they set as a rule. One of them is specifically sending a love letter for a somebody with many followers on twitter on the fourth day. I had been wondering, who the hell should I write the letter to?
For sure, there’s some people that would fit the description on my following list, but I don’t feel anything I really want to tell them yet. And randomly write something to random people just doesn’t feel right.
Until I saw you on my timeline.

Yes, you.
An inspiring director that I always admire on.
Because, towards you, I have so many things I wanna say since way before.
Because, towards you, this so-called-love letter might would have some meaningful things to write on and to read of.

A little confession to begin, you are one of my favorite director.
It was all begun when I watched Your Pintu Terlarang in DVD for the first time, four years ago.
That wasn’t my kind of film genre, but somewhat it touched me and moved me.
I saw the behind-the-scene feature and there was you talking about this movie there.
So passionate, so dedicated.
Back then, I was still a first year film student in one small college in Seattle.
I knew nothing about film production in Indonesia and wondering what should i do to make my way there.
And as I saw you there, my heart kept telling me, “This is the person I wanna work with. This is the person I want to learn a lot from.”

I sent you email right away, expressing my admiration to you and almost jumped out of excitement when I got your reply.
“I’ll be more than happy to welcome you to join my production in the future,” there you said that.
And I told myself, I would make sure it would happen someday.

Fast forward to two years later.
You were about to start the production of your Modus Anomali, and apparently Mrs. Lala Timothy was opening the possibility to apply an internship as a part of your crew. With no second thought, I sent my CV to her and crossing my fingers for that chance.
Two year had passed, you definitely wouldn’t remember what you’ve said once.
But my passion to work with and learn from you were still burning like a fire.

Unfortunately, the chance wasn’t on my side.
I had to let it slipped away, but I kept it still in mind. There would be another chance, at the better time.

Fast forward to few months later.
I managed to put myself as an intern in another production, that brought me to Techicolor, Bangkok on February 22nd 2012.
The flight was delayed a week from initially schedule.
As I arrived there, I found out that you were there last week as well. I felt a bit of disappointed, again i missed the chance.
Meeting and working with you are one part of my goal, because you are the first one that lightened my dream as a filmmaker.
There, I wanted to tell you that.

Again, unfortunately the chance wasn’t on my side.
Again, I kept it still in mind. It wasn’t the best time yet. There would be one day, at the better time.
And I promised myself to work harder so I could make my way there.
Not only as an intern this time, but as a dependable crew.

Now, fast forward to two years later since then.
Four years after the first time I set my dream and goal.
Have I reach it yet?
Unfortunately, no.
Have I get closer to it?
Still, unfortunately, no.
Have it given up those dream?
Fortunately, no.
And I bet, I would never.

I have to admit, life has drifted me further away from it. There’s no excuse I would give.
Nevertheless, I still keep those dream right in my vision. The passion hasn’t ceased even for a little bit.
There will be a time to make a come back, and I will once again make my way there.
No matter how hard I have to work on those, I’ll be there one day in the near future.
And there will be time for me, to finally shake your hand and greet you in the pre-production office:
“Halo Bang Joko! I meet you, at last!”

Till then, I would never give up the fight.

Huphhhh, at the end, it cost a quite long letter, uh?
Thank you for reading this so-called-love-letter, Bang Joko!
Thank you for your time you spare and the attention you give for reading this -might a boring- letter.
Also, thank you, by writing this I feel so motivated all over again.

Keep amazing and inspiring!


Sara Tunas

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day 4

*thank you @poscinta for giving me this kind of challenge that giving me a chance to write this. This means so much 🙂


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