Me in Parallel Universe – A Letter For Ms. @fujiwiryani


Hey Tami Fujiwiryani!

I always believe that parallel universe does exist, which there’s another me lives in a totally different circumstances, somewhere in the other world. Meeting you proves it all.

Remember the first time, when our universe collided virtually?
Thanks to twitter that magically connected us and made us bumped into each other with some mentions and retweets away.
Have I told you enough, how much I admire you ever since?
Your thoughts of life is being honestly shown within the limitation of 140 characters, and It always left me in awe…
“Ini wanita kok keren amat?!”
You shared your thought, sometimes your sexual journey, so bluntly and I couldn’t help but wishing I could have half of your bravery and your awesomeness.
One moment that been crafted on my mind was that time I tweeted about the rules of move on is about two things: time and new people. Just in seconds, you replied that I was wrong. We don’t need new person, but a proper self-respect to ourselves that we deserve a better one.
Again, it left me into an admiration of you: “Ini wanita kok keren amat?!”
And I wished, if parallel universe does exist, the other me would be just like you.

Fast forward to two years after, when life finally put us in the same place to share the same universe. We encountered each other, directly face to face, at last.
The first time I saw you, I felt like I just met a long lost friend. It wasn’t like meeting a new person, but a person I know for long enough time already.
And again, I told myself after that: “Ini wanita kok keren amat?!”

Slowly, as we spent times together I realize how similar we are in our differences….
Whenever I see you making decisions and choices of your life, I can see myself making the same one if I were in your shoes.
Whenever I see you being restless upon some matter, I can recall myself stumbled over the same matter back then.
Whenever I see you being enlightened from your thought, I can feel the enlighten moment I once ever had as well.
Whenever I see you, I see the similar reflection of myself.
Whenever I see you, I can see the other me in parallel universe 🙂

The same spirit with different body, background, and conditions.
That’s how we connect into each other, I believe.

I’m glad that I meet you!
Witnessing your daily journey is somewhat relieving, Tam…
It feels like seeing my own self fighting towards my dreams.
You know, since I have to put mine for a while…, seeing you stumbling upon and keep fighting is warming my heart.
And I’m sure you’ll reach there someday. The obstacles you face on right now is just a trial to shape you and prepare you towards your next level of journey.

Keep fighting, Tam..
Keep fighting for my part as well. I’ll be the one, who’ll always cheer you up.
Later when you are there, I’ll be the one who’ll be so much proud for your triumphs.
When those time comes, we would both look back to this present time, giggle together, and proudly say “We made it!”
Till then, hang on!

And, as always, Tam, no matter how you might feel towards yourself lately,
whenever I see you, I have this thought in mind still:
“Ini wanita kok keren amat?!” 😉
Thank you for letting me see how would I be in my parallel universe.



#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day 5


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