Blue Sky Collapses


To you, the bedroom singer with those painfully beautiful songs.

Flash back to almost five years ago…
There was a girl, accidentally found your song on the web. She downloaded it, synchronized the songs with her phone, put the earphone to her ears, and jumped on the bus while listening to it.
She stunned for a while as she heard that, and glanced to the windows.

As I walk to the end of the line, I wonder if I should look back
To all of the things that were said and done
I think we should talk it over

It was snowing again out there.
And by seeing the snow flakes fell down upon the white ground, she remembered…
Whom presences kept her warm during the lonely snowy night.
Who once wished to walk down the snow with her.
Who once there, then gone.

Then I noticed the sign of your back
It boldly says try to walk away
I go on pretending I’ll be ok

Your song was played in the background of her thought.
She had pretended she’d be okay. She thought that she would.
Until the snow brought the memories back to her and reminded her to all good things he brought to her life.
Until your melody pierced right to her heart, digging back all the feeling she tried to bury deep down inside.
Until your lyrics brought her back to realize her buried emotion…

This morning, it hits me hard that
Still everyday I think about you
I know for a fact, that’s not your problem…

Still everyday, she thought about him.
There was no day passed by without him, at some point, crossing by and staying there upon her mind. But as the hurtful fact, there were no way it could be said any longer.
The hurtful fact, that wasn’t his problem.
The good bye had been said as he stepped away, and the border line had been defined.
Leaving her with nothing else, but her scattered sky.

But if you change your mind,
you’ll find me hanging on to the place
Where the big blue sky collapses

She walked out from the bus, as she reached her destination. Her feet left the traces of her footprints over the snow as she stepped forward slowly. Your song kept playing in repeated mode, repeating those painfully beautiful lyric over and over again.
She looked above, yet the snow had stopped falling.

You see people are trying to find their way back home.

But she knew, her blue sky wouldn’t be same anymore.

So I’ll find my way, to you

A long deep breath was exhaled from her, as she shook head to gather her senses.
Her blue sky had collapsed, she knew for sure.
As sure as she understood that soon or later, the sun would -once again- shine over another bright blue sky. By then, the ice snow would melt, and so would the memories.
All she had to do was waiting patiently, and enjoyed those painfully beautiful feeling.

She smiled and touched the earphones on her ears. Your song still played, she knew it would still be played for countless time till then.

—— ******* —–

At this present time, almost five years after, the girl from the story above is doing great under her bigger yet bluer sky. Absolutely happier than before.
As expected, your song has been played for thousands time on her phone.
Therefore, by this chance, she wants to share her story to you, and tell you this.

Thank you!
Thank you for your music that’d been my companion during those phase of my life.
I wish you knew how much that means for me.
I listened your song almost every-time and everywhere back then, and it was strangely
relieving each time.
There might be tears and pain, but your song helped releasing those feeling out.

This simple letter might not do anything to repay, but I hope this might lightening up your days, when you know that your work had helped one people’s life becoming a bit easier.

And now, every time I listen to your song, those memories repeated.
No longer painful,but definitely a beautiful one.

Thank you for being a part of those beautiful memories , Mas @adhitiasofyan.
I’ll forever be grateful

Sincerely, me.

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-7


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