Growing Up Under the Sun, Above the Green Grasses


Currently, we’ve been staying back my hometown, Bogor for almost two weeks already.
Mostly we are doing nothing but visiting my families with this so-called-“ibadah setor cucu”. 😉
It always feels good to be back to the place where I spent my childhood on, and this time with my own son around.

My grandma’s home in Air Mancur area is surely one highlight of our visit.
I lived there for thirteen years, before my parents took me to move to our own place during my junior years.
But the greatest childhood memories possible had been created upon those place, and putting the basic happiness and adventurous foundation throughout my whole life later on.


Yes this one.
As seen in the picture; a big old one with dutch architecture kind of style, with these road covered by stones and big spacious grass yard in front of the house. There was also a little turtle pond, just right behind the red gate, with another little garden with some spacious space covered with pavement.
Whenever I glance over this place, I could see the little me playing freely in every corner of it.
Feeding the turtles.
Running with barefoot over stones in the road and pretending it wasn’t hurt.
Playing this precious childhood games (that most children these times won’t be familiar anymore) such as: kejar-kejaran, cing-kup, cing-benteng, gobak sodor, loncat tali, and countless of it.
Building the little tent over the grass and camping for a night.
Experimenting of creating a water dam from the water that flowed from the pond.
Imaginatively, playing survival under the bushes in the garden.
And so the list continues.
Yes, have I told you that I had the greatest childhood memories possible?
I bet there was where the adventurous side of me being nurtured on.

This time, I’m here with my little one, and for sure, I wouldn’t let him miss the chance of experience it by his own.
I want him to grow up under the sun, above the green green grass, on the blue water.
I want him to observe the nature surround him, with no need to worry of becoming dirty.
I want him to run and fall on the ground, and sense how the touch of grass upon his skin feels like.
I want him to play those fun adventurous childhood game with his friends, I will be the one who teach them how to play it.
The dirty clothes could be washed later on, and so does the mud on his hand.
The scars he has from falling down could heal also.
But his happy childhood memories would remain forever and creating the firm foundation of how he will life years after.

So I took him to the grass this morning, luckily we had those sunny sky for a while.
Then I left him alone so he could explore and do anything he like, while I watched from a safe distance.
And there he was…


He stood for a while to feel the sense of grasses under his feet, and excitedly started walking around slowly.
He bent down to feel the grasses with his little hand: touching and pulling it over, and discovered there was ground underneath.




He jumped over independently to the back of the branches and bushes just to see what was there.
Feeling annoyed with the branch that blocked his way, then tried on his own to pass by.


He walked to another side of the yard, where there wasn’t covered by grass, and started playing with his bare hands.
The dirt and mud were everywhere on him, but I didn’t mind.
He didn’t mind as well.



He didn’t even take any unsure glances upon me, not even once.
Bravely, he had his great little adventure by his own. He enjoyed himself under the sun, above the green green grasses.
And it made me so proud.
After a while, once he felt enough, he looked at me and immediately ran himself to my arms, jumping and holding me tightly with laughter on his face.
And so I hold him even tighter.



Take your time to grow up, kesayangan!
Take your time to grow up with a good doze of sun rays, green grass, sands, and sea.
Then later, we would have our big adventure together 🙂


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