And Soulmate, Does Exist – A Letter For Mrs. @Opiiiiie


“Though lover be gone, love shall not. There’s always someone for everyone.
And soulmate, does exist”
– Soulmate (Jessica Huwae)


today is your wedding day.
Seeing you on your wedding dress, with those jasmine flowers over your head and henna drawing on your hands, it leaves me speechless.
Have I told you enough how incredibly beautiful you are?
It saddens me that I couldn’t be there, but nevertheless it doesn’t make my prayers for your happiness being sent less.

Seeing you on your wedding dress, causing countless flashbacks in my head.
The flashback of your journey I’ve witnessed, the journey that you’d been through: the tears, the sleepless brokenhearted night, the happiness, the moving one phase, and so list continues.
Many memories recalls themselves back.

At the very beginning, we were connected by one person, which happens to be my best friend. The very person that you’d once set your heart into.
Thus, there was all of things started.
I witnessed the up and down part of your journey, the laughter and tears, the joy and sadness, and all those magical moment you both shared.
I witnessed your will, how you’d been fighting hard throughout times, no matter how many times you broke yourself down, inside out.
I witnessed how many girls came and went away in his life, but it was you that always been there.
I witnessed how universe always led your way back to him once more, every each time you thought you would give up.
I witnessed how far you’ve walked with all your might.

I witnessed your tears, as well you witnessed mine.
But we both believe, for every tears that fall down, there are abundant blessings once it dries up.

And today, I witness how tears have finally dried itself, and now there’re abundant blessings upon your way.
Today, the day I witness how you finally make your decision, turn your back from him, and walk away steadily on your own path.
This time, for good.

Many memories recall back in my mind, but I write it now not for you to recall this memories back. But I do write for you to recall your journey back.
Your long long journey, ’till you finally find your way to your ‘home’.
The chapters of your life, that now would be closed.
This time, for good.

Today is your wedding day.
There’s now the new chapters begin, where’s you choose your own path.
Nevertheless, your past would always stay there. The story would never rewrite itself back, but become a sweet memory for you to remember once in a while. And starting today, the real thing is who stands next to you right now.
The very person, whom his hand would you hold now and forever.
The very person, whom you might fight with this morning and the same one you are going to make love with tonight.
The very person, who will be there accompanying you throughout your journey of life.
The very person, whom you would wake up next to every morning, the same person you would see the last as you close your eyes every night.
The very person, whom you would address as a “soulmate”.

See, he’s exist 🙂

And again, happy wedding, kisanak kesayangan
Have a blessed new life, starting now and forever.
I love you so much :*

*aku mau nangis nulisnya ini :’)


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-8


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