Once Upon A Time Beneath A Golden Tree


To a stranger, whom your back I met once, back in the days.

It was autumn there, the most beautiful season I always fall in love with. The time of the year, where everything would turn into a golden scenery with hints of reddish leaves, before later it would shed themselves off. Where summers time are soon be gone and the chill of winter is on the way, it creates some magical atmosphere just in-between. Beautiful, yet bringing melancholic mist along the way.

There i was, waking down the road on one fine afternoon. And there you were, sitting underneath the golden tree upon a beautiful lake in front of you. Those scenery, with you inside of the frame, took my breath away somehow. I stopped spontaneously, snapped a picture of it, and still glanced upon you for some while. Observing you, I suddenly wanted to.

There was a couple just next to you. It was obvious to see between the line, how love were on their way. It would be pretty easy to snapped a glance towards them, but you just didn’t care. To the water in front of you, you was staring at emptily, with your mind flied away somewhere in the sky.
I didn’t know what you were thinking at, but your back emitted kind of melancholy feeling. Somehow.

It was beautiful scenery in front of you, there should be no reason for any hint of sadness. But I did understand, beneath the beauty of autumn, there was a sense of something hiding in the air. Something that suffocated your soul. Those indescribable feeling that lingered unto you and forced you to recall some bittersweet memories back. Autumn made you lonely. Autumn made me lonely.
And suddenly, in those blink of times we were connected though our unspoken loneliness, back in the times beneath the golden tree upon the reflecting water of the lake.
Then, it was all, before I walked away as the sun set down.

It was all.
It was only your back i met once, when time seemed just frozen for a while.
And it is your back that being framed upon, where memory would recalled itself every time I see this picture again. The memory of one autumn, when loneliness emitted in the air, linked us in a temporary magical connection.

And this very day, few years later from thousands miles away, I look again to the picture and the memory recalls back.
I smile.
Loneliness once matter most in my life, yet finally I’ve made peace with it.
I believe, so do you.
And right here, separated by far away distance between, we are magically connected once again. This time, with contented feeling.

You, whom your back I met once, back in the days, I know you do well this days 🙂


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-11


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