Don’t Fall, Just Grow – a Valentine Letter


I once did fall in love badly with you.
Blindly, we fell into those kind of euphoria phase, both of us. The world seemed so exciting and togetherness was worth living. Every single night, it was your name I kept recalling on my prayers. Just so God above would remember; it was you alone I desired.

But then again, it was said. Don’t fall, they said, because things that is fallen would get broken. And so did us. What I thought we had, got broken and scattered into pieces. It was saddening, to see things -that once was so precious- fell into something I couldn’t recognize anymore. I almost gave up, I was in need to walk away. Hating you, it might make things easier; I told myself so. But then I looked at you and realized, that no matter what, it’s still you alone I desire.

So I gather the scatter pieces, slowly try to reassemble it. Pieces to pieces, one by one. Once again. Some has broken, some might repairable. Let’s see how far this could take us.
And this time, I won’t fall again. I won’t fall in love again. But, let us grow in love, from those tiny little sprout that we still have. Nurtured with sincereness and acceptance, growing together, stronger each time. Side by side.

Thus, I would always wait.

Happy valentine’s day, dear.
I always love you. It never changes, and might never will.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-14


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