Valentine is on Our Way!


This is Valentine’s day!!!

Usually, I would let this kind of day pass away with no specific things to do. There was time I did all handmade valentine cards back in my high-schools day, of course, with those additional handmade cookies, chocolates, and gifts. But those years was enough. As I grow older, I found I slowly running out of energy to make stuff like before. Love, by any chance, is just satisfied enough.

Yet, these couple days, I’ve been stumbling over those cute Pinterest page with Valentine’s craft idea for kids. Like this one, or this one.Those are very easy to do, and in the same time, meaningfully sweet. I couldn’t help myself but involving myself and Bum to make ours.

We didn’t prepare anything at all, but just used anything we could find at home. Ink being replaced with my red lipstick, empty card being replaced with teared paper from some random book. Basically, just anything available, as simple as possible.

And here there are! The Bum’s thumbprint flowers and handprint roses. I think the results are pretty good.



So yeah, happy Valentine’s day all!
May love is always on the air 🙂


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