Mom, Aren’t You Tired?


Mom, aren’t you tired?
Working hard to the bone, yet enjoying life so little. Spending so much time on the road, yet still bringing work to do at night. Using up all the energy back in the office, yet leaving you cranky and tired just about the time you reach home.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Moving so fast in uncatchable speed, yet hardly followed by most of people. Thinking simultaneously of many things, yet your true presence presenting rarely in reality. The body might be there, but you always be somewhere else in your own thought.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Creating the ideal of everything in your mind, yet getting irritated easily when someone couldn’t fulfill the expectation of yours. Caring so much towards people around you, yet lashing out spontaneously when thing doesn’t go as the way you plan it should be.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Being alone most of times, with no friends to share your burden to, just because your trust of friend once being broken. Keeping it all to yourself, and building your thick wall that nobody able to break inside.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Standing amazingly strong beyond any possibility for other people to lend their shoulder for you to rest on. Pretending you could do all of it better by yourself without us that might interfere you with our incapability.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Us, your children, might a undependable ones. Even in your older age, you are still shinning yourself brighter than what we possibly achieve. And to your shine, we would still find a guidance light. That, you realize it well.
That, the reason you push yourself hard, still.

But mom, aren’t you tired?
We might not as superior as you, but we are really here. Not as perfectly reliable as you are, but we stand close right here. Watching from a safety distance, being scared of possibly of disturb your pace and getting lashed again, yet wishing you would sometimes look at us and realize how we’ve been longing to show how much we care.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Please, slow yourself down and look around closely. Time’s been wasted while you’ve been busy chasing over an ideality. Nothing we could ever do to repay your kindness and generosity of an easier life you’ve been achieving for us. But this present time, no matter how incapable we might look like, we want to love you to the fullest. Spending time with the real you, without needing to rush over and worrying of the different kind of ideal each of us have. Understanding each other truly, that’s what we’re longing about more than anything.

Mom, aren’t you tired?
Ssssshhhhhttt… No need to say anything. Wouldn’t just grab our hands and have a walk with us. Forget your ideality, we shall forget ours, and please hold those tiny little irritated sigh, we scare that most. We shall have plenty of time together. Let us listen to what your heart want to say, and then we might share a real things this time.
Thus, love might melt the wall down and unity us in the way we never thought possible.

We love you. We owe our life to you.
Now, shall we take some family picture we never properly have before? 🙂


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-15


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