Liong Dance on One Fine Afternoon


As our usual kind of days in Bogor, we went to my grandma house this afternoon. Soon after we arrived, we were greeted by a little souvenir from Cap Go Meh celebration few days ago, that was bought by one elderly in my family for Bum. It was a kinda pleasant surprise, since I planned to buy one but couldn’t make it to the event.

It’s pretty cool actually; sort of replica of the liong that being played during the celebration. A dragon head on a thin bamboo stick, with additional tail from fur fabric. I really like it myself, and so does Bum.


He grinned widely since the first time he saw it. By seeing him on those kind of excitement, this little idea came across my mind. And so, I grabbed those liong and my phone, immediately typed some “barongsai music” as a keyword. Many links appeared as I randomly chose one. As the link started buffering and the noisy sound of barongsai music appearing, I already found myself dancing with the liong to the music. Trying my best to imitate how the liong would dance merrily in the festival. Not even close to the original move for sure, but who could care?

Then, as we realized later, we just had a very great afternoon together. Bum laughed unstoppable by looking at me and the liong, we danced ourselves throughout the afternoon. Even when the music stopped, I made the background song with my own voice. Playing with deep bass tone, then imitating the opera style on the high note, and some improvising the staccato and vibration voice technique; it couldn’t be better. It got more exciting for Bum, and he laughed and enjoyed it even more.


As we did so and witnessing how happy he was, I was filled by gratefulness. What we just did, those silly things we experienced together, could not ever be replaced by any kind of technologies nowadays. No matter how advance and great the apps in gadgets could be, no matter how certified the preschool teachers are.

One priceless and irreplaceable afternoon, indeed.


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