Dear Mr. Postman – A Letter For Mr. @omemdisini


Strangers. That’s how we are.
No links that connected us, yet. None of things I know about you, not even your real name. I should care not, then, should I? Things would stay same in my peaceful world, knowing you or not won’t make any differences.

But here, I’m back to differ.
Isn’t one most exciting part of life getting to know someone for the first time, when we finally cross the distant border of ‘strangers’ to ‘acquintance’? Isn’t life full of in-expectable things, in which we never know who’s person we would meet on the next turn in the road of life? Wouldn’t it nice to give life a chance to surprise us once in a while, by creating some possibility of interaction with someone new?

I used to do so, frequently, back in the days when I traveled alone by myself. Met strangers anywhere, guided by intuition, felt the similar kind of atmosphere, been connected in some momentum, and grabbed those blink of moment to catch the possibility of conversation. Then, no matter it was the same or opposite sex of mine, it has always been interesting ones.
Again, I firmly believe that getting to know someone for the first time is one of most exciting part of life. To listen their stories, their view of life, their experiences that been shaped them into who they are; I always found it as one kind of adventure. Just exactly the same kind of feeling we would have when we happen to visit new places we’ve never been before; we might like it, might not. Might want to go back again and again, might not. Might even found another home of ours, might not. But the risk is always worth taken; nothing to lose on our side, isn’t it?

And today, guided with the same kind of intuition, I choose to take those risk with you, dear Mr. Postman 🙂
I would really love to get a chance hearing the story from Banda Naira, a story about dreams come true would always be a very fascinating story, afterall. Also, there’s an expression of thankfulness I want to tell you for delivering my letter to some of my dearest one; you have no idea how you already made a big difference by doing so. Thank you in advance, anyway.

So, Mr. Postman @omemdisini
I don’t know when you would read this, but here I’m proposing you an invitation: mind to have a ride with me, #NaikAgya maybe, while sharing some stories of us and crossing the border of “strangers” and “acquintaces” together? Riding those Agya car and wondering around the city with no exact destination; just follow some winding road ahead and prepare to get surprised by where those little journey and conversation would take us to; don’t you think it would be interesting?

Well, anyway, I’m Sara Tunas.
And you? 🙂

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-18


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