Have I Told You Enough You Are My Hero?


Dad, how are you?
I might not usually say it outloud, but I remember you most of times. It’s been years since you left the house to find your own, just as recently I also find mine, but it’s always you, the home I’m coming back for more.

Dad, do you know?
Sometimes it pierces my heart by seeing you smile widely, as you waves your hand at the end of our day. There are times when I just want to hold you tight and wish I don’t have to let it go. How much I’m longing for more, but the clock is just ticking too fast whenever I’m with you. Can I just freeze the moment and let you stay here forever by my side? Can I sit back unto your lap like those childhood years and remain there until the night goes down?

Dad, do you remember?
It’s always you who believe in me the most, no matter how unreliable it seemed I was. No single warning was ever been said about me making mistakes, but letting me find my own way, even it came side by side with the consequences of falling and getting hurt. You took the risk by putting the faith with me, and there you would be the one who picked me up and brushed me off, before let me try again. Never once you showed me your disappointment, yet it’s always been your eyes shown me how proud you are, seeing me on the path I chose by my own. Thus, I learn to be brave and trust myself confidently, with the courage to get back up and fight again whenever I fall. No matter how many times it shall be.
Yes, it’s you who taught me so. It’s you who taught me this far.

Dad, have you ever wonder?
Because I do sometimes wonder, where was the tiny little hand that would always clinging into your arm during the walk? I have outgrown your lap and shoulder, no chance you would be able to lift me up high behind your back like you used to do. There’s no more innocent little girl you could carry on your hands, when she fell asleep after a night ride with you.
But shall I tell you this? Your little girl may have grown, inevitably, but it would your wings still, whose makes me feel safe underneath, whenever life gets rough. Knowing you are there, it never fails to reassure me: everything will be just okay. It will always be safe in my daddy’s arm. The little girl in me would forever remain inside, being your little princess like always.

Dad, have I told you enough you are my hero?
No matter how the world and yourself perceive you, you should know that you are my hero. The man I adore the most. No one in this world could ever replace your existance: you were, you are, and you will ever be.
The hero of my life.

And no…, please promise me you won’t be gone before me. The world would be too scary without you, I won’t be survived.

Love you, dad.
And I miss you like always.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-19


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