Starlight Cave


Again, imagination rules.

Today, I just finally crossed one idea in my list by turning it into a reality: Starlight Cave!
Made by two leftover big card boxes from the garage, sticky tape, some Christmas decoration and Christmas light; it’s something pretty easy to do. It just required some efforts and time to do so, but surely it’s all worth.


Basically I just sticked the two card boxes together with tape, poked the Christmas light to the hole on the top of the box, and later decorated it with Christmas decoration and name sign.
And voilà, it’s done!






It turned out pretty good yet cute, and I’m happy with the result. On top of that, now Bum is having his own starlight cave as an alternative of his playing activity at home, and also as one kind of his irreplaceable childhood memory he would look back one day.
So yeah, have fun, kesayangan! I promise this is just a start.



Ps: The perks of staying at my mom’s place in Bogor is its (very) spacious space, comparing to a small two-bedroom apartment we have in Bali. Therefore, during our temporary stay, I’m really trying my best to make use this advantage to the fullest.
Let’s see what’s idea I would execute next 😀


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