You Are A Great Mother


Dear mothers out there, who might need a little reminder that she matters…

Motherhood is never easy, frustrating sometimes, we know that well. Dealing with baby stuffs, while managing house-cores, and still maintaining work load for many of you. The house cleaning, working, cooking, clothes folding, groceries doing, breastfeeding, pumping and all the never ending things on the list, yet still having peer-pressure from other mothers who silently claim you are not doing well; no wonder, why we feel wanting to explode on frustration many times.

Motherhood is never easy, though we know that the rewards is beyond amazing. The little hand we are holding, the laughter we hear everyday, the innocent eyes that stare to ours deeply; all of those indeed make it so worthwhile. But still, it’s never easy. Continuous encouragement is needed, to remind you how amazing you are.

Motherhood is never going to be easy, that’s a matter of fact, and yes,you are still doing amazing! Despite your flaws, you are giving your best throughout, and that’ what matter most. Sadly, it just seem so natural for you to do so, and all your hard work goes unnoticed. People often overlook that part and forget to show the appreciation you deserve. Yes, you deserve an acknowledgment, so I’m writing this to remind you: you are outstanding.

There might be a day; one of those days that are ridiculously hard and you would feel frustrated, discontent, or overwhelmed by yourself. There might be some day later, or it might be one of these present day, but always remember: you’re doing amazingly great this far.
No matter what, you are a great mother.

House might be left undone, but it doesn’t matter. You are a great mother.
Things might go wrong, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t define you, you are a great mother.
The pile of paper-work might consume your time, but it doesn’t matter. You are a great mother.
Pumping might be a frustrating thing to do, but it doesn’t matter. You are a great mother.
People might judge you as an incompetent one, but it doesn’t matter. They are not a matter. You matter. You are a great mother.

Motherhood matters most, more than any of it. More than having a perfect life, a perfect planning, a perfect home, a perfect family, a perfect kid; it’s you who matter most. Because you are a great mother; the perfect one for your only children. The only one they will seek for love and affection, until one day they will say it by theirselves: “YOU ARE THE BEST MOM IN THIS WORLD”
To the world.

Hang on.
You’ve been doing extremely great!

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-21


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    • You’re welcome, Ci. Your writing always inspires me and I really meant everything I wrote.
      I didn’t see it’s coming though, that you’ll find this out.
      Thank you :”)

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