It Shall Be – A Letter for Ms @elwa_


Sorry and let me beg you an apologize first, Ms. @elwa_
Sorry of being such an intrusive person, who meddling myself into your matters, though I’m just merely a complete stranger. I shall admit it, I just saw your name appeared in some conversation in my timeline last night and just as any other “kepo-ers” would do, I did stalk yours. No excuses, just an apologize I could offer for those act of mine.

Even so, I still don’t have a full understanding throughout the situation, and it’s not even my capacity to find any detail of it. I’m a stranger, I’m a outsider; a person who happen to accidentally bump over to a little slice of your life. But I firmly believe, there isn’t any coincidence in life; when ours happen to cross by another person’s path of life, there must be something are entitled to do. Some missions are entrusted. That’s an universe calling, echoes its voice within us.

And here I am, answering the call by sending you prayers and thought from here. Hoping the good vibes I emit could be transmitted to you directly. No, not to make you feel better, it’s not gonna work that way.
The devastating pain that you feel, it’s you alone who could heal. No matter how much sympathy you received saying they feel you, it’s still you yourself who feel the ache and discomfort. We could only relate, not to feel it with you.
Then, what’s all the prayers and good thought all about?
It’s meant to strengthen you, a reminder that you are not alone.
It’s meant to send the same vibes to universe to support you. The same good thought and wishes throughout the places to support your own, so universe itself will conspire to help you on your path.
Thus, you will help yourself to feel better.

The pain is there, inevitably. You’re not fine, but it’s okay.
Plenty of good thoughts, positive vibes, and sincere loves are along your way; accompany you within this painful moment of time. Universe should sense that and response them with its magical surprise of life.
This too, shall pass.
A better one, shall come.

And the people who cares of you, shall stay.
Forever there.

Hang on!
You are blessed.

Much love from a stranger out there.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-22


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