To Love Somebody You Couldn’t Have


To you, whose love fall on the wrong place.

To love somebody you couldn’t have, that’s one of most painful thing possible. To realize there is no hand that would meet yours, whenever you try to reach. To stand silently alone by yourself in the crowd, while looking on his back longingly. To put down yourself on the shadow, resile the existence of your feeling from the world. To realize it would be a pointless journey over and over again, with no sight of future in your vision ahead. To accept the fact, there would be no knot for you in front of. Isn’t it painful?

To love somebody you couldn’t have, you might be justified yourself with the reason that love itself is enough. Neverthless, if you have a moment to silently draw yourself to ask this very question: are you truly happy?
It couldn’t possible to be happy over the simply “it’s enough to love him”; we are inevitably a selfish being. That’s our nature, isn’t it?
Yes, love was enough. At first.
Then, as time goes by, here comes the demand: to be loved back, a labeling relationship, acceptance, acknowledgement, to be the one and only, vision about future, and more to come. Having no right to demand it, doesn’t mean you don’t.

To love is a dare; where hope and despair are walk side by side to each other. To love somebody you shouldn’t love; closely same, but hope are being blindfold on the never ending journey. It’s just like a game within time, until you feel enough of the fold that covering your eyes to the future and finally remove it for good, then turn your back towards and walk away.
Theoretically, so.

Still, when you do love somebody you shouldn’t love, it’s binding. You don’t just walk away, when you’re told you have to. You can’t just let it go, even you know you deserve better. You would hang on there, though you know it brings you nowhere. Yet, again, you would convince yourself that love is enough.
So once again, you’re back to square one. Every other time.

But worry not, it’s okay. Love will find its way. It comes at a right time, and goes away in a destined moment. Within the pain, love carries a mission for you to grow up during the circumstances. That’s the life lesson you should learn in time; and once it’s fulfilled, love knows its own time to end and open the path for the new one to mend.
This time, somebody you could call: my own.

That’s what I always believe in.

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-23


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