Love in a Cup of Coffee


Coffee is real good
when you drink it gives you time to think.
It’s a lot more than just a drink;
it’s something happening.
Not in a hip, but like an event,
a place to be, but not a location,
but like somewhere within yourself.

It gives you time,
but not actual hours or minutes,
but chances to be, like be yourself.
And have a second cup.
– Gertrude Stein

A cup of coffee is always bringing something beyond itself, isn’t it? The magical black-brown liquid isn’t just merely something enjoyable; it offers a spiritual benefit to the soul. More than just a chemical reaction, comforts us deeper than just the caffein, but a philosophy to define our existent emotion. Silently. Gracefully. Lovingly. Tenderly.

Just like a cup you had previously, a black one with no sugar. Dark and bitter as life, it was. Yet, in the implicit of moment, it offered you an acceptance; a temporary shelter to your feeling. No question being asked, nor greeting being said. On its mysterious journey triggered by a cup of coffee, you accepted yourself to let it be; life could be bitter and it was fine to agree. There was her smile to sweeten your day still, she alone are enough to be.
Magical, wasn’t it?

Moved to another one you had, which resembled the love you felt in a cup. At those time it gave you a soul sustenance; infused you with solemness to reflect back on your journey this far. Life might be bitter at plenty of times, as the journey went ridiculously hard and beat you down without mercy; didn’t mean you give up though. You’d bounce back, again and again, and ordered another cup of coffee, -once again-, after all.

Bitterness is a certain part of life; it’s imminent, yet is needed. To glue together and sharpen the feeling and emotion inside; to broaden the sense and see within, to look for strength and find the richness underneath, to feel the willingness to abide on a spiritual journey, to transform yourself into a better you. That’s what life, and coffee, offer you to be.

And you know what would comfort you most about it? The awareness of knowing no matter where life takes you to, there is always a warmth ready to reassure you. There’s always be a cup of coffee, offering you love and contentment.

To such degree, you know things would get better. Soon, after you finish your cup of coffee.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-24


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