Pretty Much Disappointed


This very special guy is only 70-ish kilometers away from me now, yet I couldn’t make it to meet him there.
It’s been raining since two days ago and the Jakarta traffic is unpredictable; not to mention the possibility of flood and huge jammed. In our old times, I would care less and go right away, but this time there’s a little one should be put on consideration. At such degree, no matter how hard I tried to try reasoning myself to go, I still couldn’t let myself go.
I wish I could, and if only I could I definitely would. It’s freaking disappointing and devastating.


But a mother gotta do what she gotta do. I have to do what I must do, and prioritize what I must choose. So here I am, staying at home with my little bundle of joy; cuddling together with the rain pouring hard outside.
At least, knowing that I do the right thing, reassures me.

Universe just doesn’t let us this time, I should accept for a better reason, like always. Isn’t it?
See you again, my dear fella. I miss you most!


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