A Beauty, Knitted from Your Fingers – A Letter for Ms. @primtje


Tranquility, that’s what was emitted from your presence as I took my first glance towards you. Not something extraordinary bright, but your radiance glowed softly, peacefully, as it attracted me to sit on your side. Remember that night? I was an outsider, coming by myself approaching a circle of reunited friends awkwardly. Yet, it was your pair of tender eyes looking at me, welcomed me there.

I admire you ever since, and even more, as I ended up on your blog and saw your writing. It’s a beauty, knitted from your fingers. A chain of graceful thought that are coming from a lovely mind, manifesting itself through a series of magnificent words. What a blessed soul for bearing such a wonderful talent, as your chosen phrase could touch the heart of people who reads yours.

It’s a beauty, knitted from your fingers. Envying you, I should add this little fact honestly. How much I wish to have even a half from ability of yours, so then I could write as beautifully over a simply humble idea. Your words are flowing and matching itself one to another, combining to form a river and together marching to the sea of perception. You write as you breathe. It’s in your blood, it’s in your soul; and here I am, making you as my temporary goal.

It’s a beauty, knitted from your fingers. And its beauty excites me to write up once again and wakes me up over from my very long hiatus time. Reminding me for the possibility of my fingers crafting something in those kind of level, if only I decide myself to start from scratch and throw away excuses of not doing it. The beauty awaits underneath patiently, waiting for me sharpening my mind and nurturing my soul, while keep diving on the world of words persistently. Just like what you always do.

It’s not yet a beauty, knitted from my fingers, but I’m on my way there.
It’s the beauty, knitted from your fingers, which drives me this far.

Thank you, Ms. Prima.
It’s a blessed soul you have inside. Yes, I truly admire you.

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-25


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