A Fan from the Past – Personal Letter for Mr. @justcallmejaa


How many years it’s been passed by, exactly? I even wonder if you still remember me, the noisy teenager of The Groove fan on her high school uniform from Bogor, that once, bounded herself surround you merrily, while tried hard to catch a glimpse of your attention, -wishfully. Such a very old day, when I idolized you and your band so badly, even to the point I did bother you with those non-sense conversations on unimportant topics -many times of days. It’s been freakin many years for sure, so no need trying to find me on your memory as I started reminiscing; I might be crumpled already under many other things that worth more to remember and that’s totally fine.

You too, was pressed down between my memories, as life brought me on a very distant journey. Miles away, from hundreds to thousands, crossing by seas and lands for many many years. Until this moment of discovery, a flash of recognition as I dig my drawer on the old room of mine and found old scrapbook of articles, adoring handwritings and old photographs. Of you.
A glimpse of past came arriving, brought me into thinking; how far life already took me to and transformed those silly teenager into the present me.

I giggled and smiled longingly, it’s kinda embarrassing but it’s totally fine. I was reminded, you were one significant person I’d treasured most during my teenager years. Yes, you meant a lot to the younger me, once. Kinda non-sense, it might sound but shall I prove my words scientifically? Developmental psychology does state its theory: teens are going through a dramatic change of life, which force them seeking for a figure they could idolize of. Towards this person, they would look for recognition to form some kind of self-identity. And there, towards you, my admiration fell into. And there, from you, there was acceptance that welcomed me to.

It was such great teenager years with you around. The kindness you did, by listening to my unimportant matter and silly demands, are one irreplaceable part I would always grateful of. You could just ignore those non-sense things, but you responded it anyway. This is a fact you ought to know, that what you did are matter much. Unintentionally, you’ve made those phase of my life easier.

Again, no need to find me in your memory as I started reminiscing, no need to do so. But here, I just want to express my thankfulness that you deserve, yet never been said before.
Thank you for being a part of my life this way.
Thank you for your kind responds along those times.
Thank you for being you.
I definitely owe my great teen ages memories to you.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-26


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