Rujak Bebeg!


Here comes one of my favorite foods from the past: rujak bebeg. It’s been several years since the last time I had one, since it’s getting harder to find one in the city. The seller is usually moving around from one place to another on one area, yet the number of them is gradually decreasing as well. I just consider myself lucky to find one this afternoon.

It’s a variation from the usual Indonesian fruit salad that made from several kind of ingredients, containing yam bean, sweet potatoes, jambu air and kedondong. The ingredients itself would be cut into smaller pieces, combined with some brown sugar, salt, and a hint of shrimp paste, then later mashed out together into crushed pieces.
Does it taste good? Sure! The sweetness flavor melted together with sourness from fruit and a hint of spiciness, forming a refreshing taste to please our tongue.
I really love this one!






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