The Knight in not-so Shining Armor


To you, the knight in not-so shining armor

No coincidence, I believe that’s how the universe rules their way on. Every little things are planted at the right place on the right time; every small little things are connecting each other to form a bigger picture throughout the journey of life. Small change at one place can result larger differences in later state; things always happen with its own mission, for its own reason. That’s how universe conspires.

It works practically same with how someone’s presence make their appearance in other’s life, which in this specific case: you.

Remember how was our path suddenly intersected into each other, out of nowhere, and without any reasons it formed some inexplicable bond in between? Love once was grown, though you’re not mine to keep. Yet, it brought me to one kind of upside down journey with your presence around. Wasn’t a very pleasant one, sometimes, I should add. There were difficult times, side by side with lessons I learnt; and my world never been same ever since. It doesn’t mean I’m being grateful less.

Later, time goes by and life drifted me away further, I gradually grow passing those stages of uncertainty. The ideas mature and shape themselves up, as the universe is finally revealing itself. From some distances, I began to see how dots being connected into each other and forming a bigger picture of destiny. The reason behind your presence becomes clearer.

That’s an angel, you carried within; sent by universe for the purpose to shake my comfortable zone and awaken what was sleeping underneath. Just like an insignificant butterfly’s flap of wings, which creates a tiny changes in atmosphere and finally alter the tornado path in another location; that’s how I would describe your presence in my life. Mission entrusted on and you did marvelously; to show me how to save myself. Or better said, to force me to save myself, then walk away on my own path. Bravely.
And as I did so, there you were, looking at my back as you once promised me to.
Before the angel inside you left and the halo vanished; then here we are, strangers once again.

This is definitely not a love letter, nor a farewell. Might be, some disclosure.
For one chapter of my life, that had reached its end long ago, yet changed me much and beyond.
Therefore, thank you, you.
I bet you know who you are.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-28


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