Friendship Stays – a Letter for Mr. @mynamestillolly


Loves come and go, but friendship stays.
That’s what we both believing, as it’s each other we both treasuring. It’s been quite years, from the moment we started the story over a shot of tequila inside a glass of beer and since then, our path been connected into an inseparable journey. The physical togetherness was short, indeed, but worth every second of it. Despite the distance that took us apart, never even once I feel the absence of your presence. As far as my thumbs could reach, yes, you’re always just an enter-key away.

It’s an amazing journey I experience with you. To see you and to see us, together transformed within time, as we both together look back at the past.
So many things happened, as well as the number of people who once crossed by. Love came and dries away, and so did with lust that being used and hearts that being played. The footprints and scars are everywhere; they are lessons learnt within times, as we gradually grow from every consequences that come our way. Things slowly found their way to its end, as the end itself finally forming another new beginning for us to begin.

Yes, love comes and goes but friendship stays.
After all of this time, it’s still you that I found in every turning point of life. Greet me with a cup of coffee on your hand, and remind me that I’ve been doing great. It’s still you, who always around.

And you know, it’s relieving.


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-29


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