Closing Time – A Letter for @poscinta, @omemdisini, and @sunoesche


There’s a time for everything; a life spam of every good time before its end comes approaching. Nothing last forever, people said, and so does with this.

It’s been a pleasant month of writing, for sure. Committing myself to consistently engage an idea and compose it through words and sentences to form one letter every day; it’s revoking the memory inside of me, how joyful writing are. Fun and adventurous at the same time, challenging and relieving all together. The moment of sitting by the front of keyboard is a constant one-on-one battle everyday, to fight the blocking wall of idea and to seize the words that’s been flying over mind and match them all together. Not an easy task to do, but as I read the paragraph finally formed itself as the way it should be, the satisfaction is beyond any reward would do.

It’s been a pleasant month of writing, though there were also obstacles and difficulties along the way. Moments when I ran out of time to sit still was an excuses I would like to address myself for not finishing one, and so does with distractions that forcefully came along with. Frustrating it was, sometimes, for having no idea to write or yet having an idea but kept being distracted every two sentences. But throughout all, I kept going on and now proudly announce: here there are thirty letters been made, one for every each day as what I initially said. None are missed, as none of excuses had chances to be granted.

It’s been a pleasant month of writing, and I owe this to you, @poscinta. Whoever you are behind this idea, you should know that you made an outstanding one that deserves an endless thank-you. Many heart whom received the letter was touched, friendships are enlightened, love being reminded, long lost acquaintance was found, people being inspired, strangers were connected, gratefulness being expressed, passion once again awakened; and there you are, giving chance for all of those to happen. You already made a big difference in someone’s life, magically.

Therefore, please accept my grateful bow to you all. Thank you @poscinta for the chances you give, and so does the postman @omemdisini and @sunoesche. It’s nice to have our life being intersected with this kind of chance. I’m so looking forward if universe grant us chances to meet in the real life out there.
You guys, are doing extremely great!

And here, it’s a closing time. The end, from what has been a little 30 days of journey; but definitely just a beginning, for many more to be had. After all, every new beginning always comes from some other beginning’s end.

See you all some day somewhere in the world of words around.



#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day-30


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