Playground Date


As I drove nearby, I just realized this hometown of mine currently has a little playground in Sempur field. To see one public area in the center of the city was quite surprising, so I decided to pay a visit there with my dad and Bum on one relaxing afternoon. Beyond my expectation, actually it’s quite decent and spacious with several playing spot just like slides and swings. Such a nice alternative outdoor activities for daily basis; this city surely needs more of this.

*not as clean as how it should be, but it’s decent and I’m satisfied already. Cannot ask too much, public area is already a luxury here*

*Bum and the riding deer*




*After his first try, suddenly this became his new obsession. He would ask again and again to be put on the top of the slide, so he could slide down happily.*

*Done with sliding, he asked us to walk to the field, where several people were playing soccer over there. The next thing we knew was he already ran around, asking for a ball to borrow from people around.*

*Feeling bad to the people he interrupted, we brought him to the basketball area. And yes, there he was, on the center of the field, joining and dribbling the ball together with all. I just grinned from the side as I watched him made his own way 😁*


*For the last thing before we headed back home, there was a little trip to see the Ciliwung river nearby, while crossing one kind of pretty old bridge in Bogor. A grandfather and a grandson together hand in hand, that was the most beautiful things I saw that day.*

Seriously, this is why this Bogor city has to have more public space for people to bond together, closely. We just had a great time over there, and would be back definitely!
Hope to see more of these here when I pay another visit to this town months ahead.


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