To Forgive


They said that to love is to forgive; though, it’s easier said than done. It’s a human heart I have inside, struggling with pain while accepting the hurtful facts that finally broke down the wall of clueless state I have. Truth, no matter how torturing it is, is still one thing that worth cherish on, isn’t it? And having a courage to confess, means people trust me enough to reveal their weakness, is another thing that deserve to be listened with forgiveness. Not with anger, nor madness. Because the hurt is not only mine to keep.

They said that to love is to forgive; yet, it is easier to love than to forgive. The absurdity is beyond anything in mind, I’m still striving to digest every bit of it slowly. There’s plenty of whys demanding for details, yet there is heart on their way persisting itself to let go. Confession was made and facts been said; as the apologize was accepted, the rest should no longer be a case.

They said that to love is to forgive, and it takes the bravest heart who could do so. The one with size as deep as ocean beneath the sky above, who could swallow everything all at once and leave no trace at the surface of the sea. Mine is neither close to its size, but I will learn. One step in time, to digest one bit every while, before later will be condensed in the deepness of the soul and nourished it from inside. Afterall, the truth should always be treasured on.

They said that love is forgiving and it’s truly challenging. No, it’s not okay and I’m not okay; but this is ‘just’ another thing in life I have to accept. Because when people come offering a will of good intention, then who am I to judge? I wasn’t clean and merely not a saint; the story of my past was beyond absurdity as well, yet, I’m blessed enough for having another chance to grow into a better person. Was forgiven once, that’s naturally what I should do to make the circle round. It is in pardoning that we are then pardoned, people said.

They said that love is forgiving, as it’s the second chance that people’s deserving. The brand new start of a new chapter in a blank page, where forgiveness means accepting the past and letting the anger go. Shaking hands with what will always be there, been written all over places and yet it’s okay to stay as the way it is. Not to be forgotten, neither to be reminded, but to be closed.
For good.

Perhaps, time will heal every heart all over again.


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