Another Date on the Park


Two days before the departure from this rain city and it’s time to visit another city park we have nearby. It’s called Paranginan Park, located in Sudirman Street across the Bogor Permai Restaurant, with the view of Ciliwung River from above the cliff. Covered by the greenness of plenty big tress with several sitting places and some swings, Paranginan Park becomes one of a very nice place to spend a relaxing afternoon.



That was just another round of grandpa and grandson’s date, doing nothing but enjoying the togetherness we had. Laughters was shared and presences were treasured, no need more explanation I should add.





Later, Bum took a little glance towards the crowd of street musicians on the seat nearby. For a while, he stood there with serious look on his face, as we were estimating what he would do afterwards. Just within a blink of eyes, we found him almost running approaching the crowd and suddenly grabbing one of their little guitar with a very wide victory smile on his face. We stunned and bursted into laugh together. His grandfather laughed proudly saying that’s how his grandson definitely would roll, then surrounded by the street musicians, he sat down next to his grandson and performed a jam session of two. No real tunes were played, yet nobody would deny how lovable it was.





Time flied fast when we were having fun, as the laughter wiped away aching heart temporarily. That was seriously another enjoyable afternoon that worth cherish on and definitely will be back for more.


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