Traveling, a state of moving. It’s not about destination, but the journey itself. Leaving one point of embarkation to the point of arrival, it’s the line between two that makes it worthwhile. The feeling of going somewhere from the usual place, it’s always been relieving, as it offers a break from the daily routine. A moment of separation, a chance to miss what we left behind and discover new thought with cleaner mind along the way.

Traveling, a lesson to let go. The baggage need to be packed light, it teaches us to choose what worth carry on and left the other behind. It could be things, or just feelings. As we leave the point of embarkation, we let go the burden. Just the useful one, we bring along.

And today, it’s just another round of going. It’s been one and half months already, time to pack the suitcase and travel again. From home, to home. As always, I choose what to bring along based from what I might need for some months ahead. This time, I left the feeling behind, I shall not need it.
I cleaned the room and heart, took off jealousy, envies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears away. I let it go.

Whatever come my way, let it be. It will always be a new adventure and discoveries after all. I shall start with smile.




Good bye 🙂


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