My Best Friend’s Wedding


Flashback to four years backward, separated by thousand miles away. There was messages exchanged, passing through the far distance and different timezone, back and forth. It was a marriage topic we were talked about; the unsureness of witnessing how bad marriage could fail miserably. Too many of examples around us with one red connection above all, regretting the knot they once tied themselves up. The vow being broken, the other person intervering, and yes, our faith in marriage kept declining. Such a scary world, we thought; it was a trap that should be avoided.

Then we asked the very question to each other: with these facts that been haunting us, would we still decide to put each of us into a marriage one day? A moment of silence, before the unsureness arrived. It was our young and foolish days; love should be careless, free, and fun. No, it was too far away beyond our thought, we refused to think further. Yet, there was a brief sentence sent as a haste conclusion: there might be a point of life when we know that we have to stop. Afterwards, the discussion ended right there.

Fast forward to a year after, after a series of heart break we’d been experienced. Love came and dried away, lust being used, and heart being played. It was just another good bye I had, and you called right away to make sure everything was okay. We talked over things, laughed over broken heart, and again the doubtful sentences was spoken out.
No marriage I could picture myself into in some future years.
You laughed and agreed for yourself. Love wasn’t on our side, leave over the marriage on the side.

Yet, at this present day, only two years after our doubtful talk, I’m writing this with a ring on my finger, while composing a congratulation wish for your wedding day. Time flies and changes everything, maturing thoughts and mind, ripened love we percieves. It doesn’t mean the doubt has been wiped away completely, though. It stays there, but now it isn’t as haunting as before. You were right, at one point of life, we would know that this just the time to stop, with the person worth the risk. Surely, there’s a time of everything.

So, yeah, dear Olly
This is the day we’ve been talking about since years ago; the day when everything comes clear and the questions being answered. It’s your rides and broken hearts I’ve been witnessing throughout years, and now it’s all becomes worthwhile. Beyond happy, more than glad, even more than proud. I am. You’ve been walking this far and you did great.
You, deserve her. A right partner for your journey and adventure of life.
And yes, she’s worth fighting for.



Happy wedding, fella!
Wishing you the happiest thing as it possibly be 🙂


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