Ocean of Thousand Stars


An ocean of starry sky ahead; thousands dots of tiny sparks glowed together over the infinite jungle of blackness, magically and beautifully amazing. Suspended in space, I stood underneath, with my heart skipped its beat. It was the day of silent, where no lights lightened up within the city and finally granted the darkness a chance to show up its forgotten glory.

In the vastness of the night, I saw neither beginning nor end, but flickering lights. A silent reminder of how ridiculously small our existences are, comparing ourselves to the hugeness of this universe. Every each glittering glint had been traveling itself for millions light-year apart, far away before the humanity started existing. As for each blink of its shine is presenting many constellations and galaxies in between. Our planet, no, our solar system is just one speck on a huge dust of it all. Magnificently enormous, the universe is; a massively immerse understanding.

Gazing above, I found myself traveling through the darkness; lost between thoughts. A big ocean of thousand stars above my eyes, comparing myself with them was somewhat terrifying and embarrassing. Pathetically small our existence are, left alone our problems aside; a micro part from dust, an pitiful insignificant one from a bigger picture of universe. Nothing to be neither proud nor sorry; neither sure nor worry. Just, be blessed, for being able living as a part of these.

Furthermore, I sent the chant of prayers; wondering the trace of another me in the in the parallel existences within the same universe. Maybe one was just sleeping in somewhere in Andromeda Galaxy, while the other was wide awake in Pegasus Dwarf. One might floated happily among Sagitarius Dwarf, while the other was diving hopelessly on the vast of Circinus Galaxy. Wherever they were, I wished them a happy life and love within their universe.


From the Milky Way, I stared above and put my hands up; smiled and surrendered. So small I am, so great Almighty. Have no worry, I shall see; rest assured, I shall be.

Throughout all, I shall be free.


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