Morning Walk Amongst the Mangrove


Finally paid a visit to the Mangrove forest conservation nearby this morning! I’ve been setting my eyes onto those forest for quite a while, as I frequently passed by the area on my way home. It locates at By Pass Ngurah Rai road, just before the Dewa Ruci Statue. Precisely here. Not so far away from the center of the city, yet its hidden location isolates the forest from the buzzing crowded sound and creates some tranquil area around. It was a nice quiet place to surround ourselves with nature, another options we had beside spending time on the beaches or mountain fields.



The forest itself is pretty dense on some areas, with merely sun rays passing through, yet at another is just a brief open space. A long wooden trail is build as a bridge, so we could walk through the muddy water and enjoy the scenery freely. Great getaway place for a short walk, as it would send us to some distant world aside our own.





As for us, it was another date of our own: a morning walk date in the midst of the greenness by the Mangrove. Together, we walked the two kilometers wooden trail all the way to the most far hunt near the sea, before heading with the same amount of distance back. So proud, he walked quite far by his own little feet before he asked me to carry him up. My wish has been granted, I’m blessed with a little partner of life adventure. He alone, and I should not ask for more.




With the same level of enthusiastic he observed the surrounding. Even to the point, he walked alone ahead of me to see what was there in front. Enjoying every bit of our walk, taking glance here and there every now and then by his own curiosity. He laughed, he smiled, he screamed excitedly. So relieved was I, to see him grow happily under the sun.










Visiting a Mangrove forest is one interesting thing, and together with my little Bumi is beyond everything. Seriously considering to do this frequently as a part of our date together, a bonding time for us doing little adventure together. Seeing him being excitedly happy is a priceless thing to be.

This time, let me proudly crossed one from our bucket list —Mangrove Forest, checked—, though still there are plenty things left and many more to be added. Have no worry, the list will always continue.


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