To Travel and the Feeling that Follows



A traveller, are you?
If so, have you ever know this kind of feeling?
The feeling when you are about to go traveling, moving, and leaving one place to another, you know it’s not only the place that you’re going to miss, but also the person as in who you are at this present time.

It will be written all over the place, that even though you might be back one day, things won’t be just same as before.
The present will be past, as the future shall come along fast.
The closest can turn into stranger, and the stranger might come to rescue.
The familiar one might departs unpredictably, while the unfamiliar one takes its place.
The feeling gonna, slightly or so much differently, change.
You too, won’t be the exact same person you think you are.


Life is a constant state of moving to the unpredictability.
Traveling teaches you to embrace it.

Because to travel is to make one step ahead, one at time.
Leaving past and moving forward wholeheartedly.
To another place.
To another you.


Hopefully, a better happier you.


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  1. Frankly speaking, every time I’m about to travel, I never feel like leaving. I feel like a piece of me visiting the other piece while some pieces still stay at home. *ribet :))

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