9th Worldwide Instameet – Semarang!


I’ve been using Instagram apps for some years, yet never really took it seriously, as in tools to get connected with new people all around places. Followed only friends and acquaintance’s account, posted only for the sake of posting itself; I never really knew the greatest fun that lays beneath it. Until the day I saw these picture posted by a friend on my feed.


9th Worldwide Instameet, the ninth gathering of Instagramers coming together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity; which would be happened all together in many cities all over the world. Apparently, Semarang was one city, which the event would be hosted on.

By the coincidence, I was around Semarang within those dates with no specific agenda to do. Joining the crowd and getting to know new people, surely sounded like a very interesting idea. Mostly, because I knew there would be many aspiring inspiring photographers around, and I was beyond excited to get inspired by them! I’ve missed the feeling of being somewhere with someone new and crossing the bridge of strangers to new-found friends with our interactions.

So yeah, Kota Lama-Semarang on May 17th 2014 and I officially joined the hype happening there. Almost 120 people gathered together, while I didn’t know any of them. It was just me and little Bumi together at first, alienate from the crowd. But I had no worry; I knew the fun was awaiting there until the moment of revelation.





Indeed, it was fun and beyond. As the event was begun, we were divided to groups and assigned to complete some task and challenges, we hunted and collaborated together creating greatest pictures possible.

Below was the result from those days. Some are random shots I found interesting, and some are results from challenges of the day. Yes, challenges! We were given several themes to be posted with specific hashtag on our IG account, such as #strideby, #findingvintage, #fromwhattheysee, #makeportraits, #fromwhereistand, #whatisinmyhand, and the most interesting one, JUMP! with #jumpstagram.

The line between two. Why it has to be you?

Crossing by. As fast as memories dry. #strideby

Red on the wall; the boldest of all.

Conceal. Don’t let them in. #findingvintage

Hang it there, it will dry. Your tears too, it shall. #findingvintage

It’s been ages. Please come back home. #findingvintage

What’s left from the past. Who know how long it might still last? #findingvintage

See the world from children’s eyes. You shall find peace.

Unsync the synchrony. #jumpstagram

You jump. I jump. #jumpstagram

Yes, I hunted plenty good pictures that made me feel good with myself. This meet up has definitely fired up my photography sense that been getting dull since I have Bum around. Yes, I remembered the fun of hunting and creating composition all over again.

And the fun wasn’t ended there, apparently me and Bumi were happened to be captured by other fellows in many great moments of us. Two of us and our togetherness, openly captured behind the eyes of many talented photographers on the very beautiful photogenic spot. It never failed to put smile on my face whenever I saw the pictures again.
Thank you so much, dearest all, for these lovely frame!





And this one is surely my favorite!
Told you, my little Bumi, I’ll take you fly with me. :’)


Seriously, meeting this bunch of new talented people at Semarang Instameet is one thing I would always be grateful about. As I looked around that day, we were all busy with our mobile phone, —taking pictures, editing, and posting—, yet nobody saw us as a freak like people used to judge. We were all just same, we were on the equal wavelength, we were on the right place.

Strangers at first, but then, we chatted. We shared. We connected. We laughed. We followed each other’s IG account. We inspired and got inspired by each other.
Couldn’t ask for a better meet up like this #instameetsemarang.
Thank you instagram for making this happen!
Thank you guys for being awesome!





What a pleasant happy day. I almost forgot how wonderful a freedom tasted like :’)


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