Monthly Archives: July 2017


I love to see the honesty of people’s heart.
To understand the mystery of their bizarre mind; to dive in history of their twisted thought. To apprehend the truth within their told-lies, and moreover, the reason of why was so. To know the driven dreams that kept them going; to encounter their worries and insecurities that kept them at night, awaking.

I love to admire the stars shine within their eyes.
To skin off the layer after layers of their hidden side that being kept in the bottom cave; to compile the lesson learnt in between heartbreaks. To feel their flaws and fears beyond the shield; to touch the story of the scars and feel how it heals.

I love to fall within the deepness of someone’s soul.
To appreciate the good within their bad; to hold the perfection of their imperfections. To grasp their lust and desires; to sense the reason beyond their smile.
I love to stare right into their eyes and see the beauty of their sparks.
To meet that kind of experience, it’s always been a privilege I’m thankful about.