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Two Years With You


Time flies in the blink of the eyes.


I could still remember it crystal clear, the dawn when you were out and dived down bravely to the water on your birth. So tiny and fragilely small. Helplessly weak, you sought for the only warmth you knew. Me.


I became the one you depended on. The only comfort you understood. The life you were created from.

The figure you reached your hands unto, as you grow day by day.


Little did you know, it is quite an opposite of.

I’m the one, who actually depending myself on you. The tiny little hands I would reach during the most tribulation and suffering. You are the only reason I’m still standing here, to love and to protect you, That’s more than enough to keep me stronger than I could ever imagine. No matter how hard life’s been trying to bring me down, your laughters are the greatest cure above all.


The ultimate source of my blessed happiness, you bring out the best in me and saved me million times already.

I’m forever grateful that you come to my life.Β Forever blessed that you are a part of me.


Happy birthday, kesayangan!

Two years and still counting to many wonderful years ahead.


I must have done something really good for deserving you here πŸ™‚




This the last week from my visit in Bogor and I found out that I still have several things to do. So I was planing to go out the next day, but I noticed that Bum’s temperature was going up all of sudden. Yes, we just have some fever-attack going on.
It’s okay (no, it’s not! I’m just pretending to calm down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), light fever is a common sickness for toddler on his ages, and after all of these times, the breast milk has been proven well to protect his health. This should not be a serious case, just a sleepless one, it shall be.

Therefore, despite of my grandma that kept panicking he’s getting worse each time and telling me to bring him to doctor, I stayed still with my usual kind of treatment while keep observing his condition. Personally, I have faith in Bum’s strength. There’s something entering his body and he’s fighting on it by raising his body temperature to kill those strange invaders. That’s his battle, I should not interfere too much, so he’ll train his immune system to get stronger. My part is providing him the treatment he needs and observing him if he needs more help from doctor. As for the rest, I prefer to let him fight on it, win it, and getting stronger each time πŸ™‚

So here there are, behind the fever-attack scene we have!

A towel soaked in a warm water, to wipe his forehead and reduce the temperature naturally. This always been my first weapon for every fever-attack that comes my way.

Plenty of vitamin C, in this case I use oranges. They said, vitamin C is increasing immune system, right?

Drink as much fluids as he can. Vary from water, juice, milk, coconut water. I could care less even he doesn’t wanna eat, as long he drinks a lot. Sometimes he quite annoyed by how I make him drink though. I’m pretty sneaky, I have to admit πŸ˜™

He asks to be carried most of times, and yes, he is being spoiled by all of us. There he was, watching some music video from iPad with his Akong carried it right in front of him. His Akong as his private iPad stand :)))

Due to his high temperature, it must be uncomfortable to rest well whenever he tried to sleep without being waken up every one or two hours. Last night, he woke up at 1am and spent times awake by playing percussion from some left-over can and plastic tube πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Me? Sleepless for sure, what can I say?

The morning finally came after forever awaiting, and immediately he pointed at the outside of the room. So yeah, sunbathing together, that was what we did in the morning. Definitely in need for a good doze of morning sun ray!

The love for massaging is in our blood; it’s in our genes. Later, the sunbathing was followed by the massage from our personal therapist, just a little bit to make him feel better. He must feel the soreness all over the body.
Poor little Bum.

As the temperature rose up a little once again, I used my ultimate weapon for beating the fever: skin-to-skin contact. Basically, I would hold him close with our skin contacted into each other, naked, so the temperature would adjust to each other and bring him down to mine. Effective, yet addictive at the same time. It was so damn comfortable, he fell asleep while we did so. This treatment never fail to make him comfortable and stay quiet.
I love enjoying every second of his body close to mine.

His fever now is slowly gone as he starts sweating all the way. I bid him a kiss for his good sleep so he really can have some rest.

Get well soon, kesayangan!
Me loves you so.

A Letter From The Start


Hey, son…
This is a letter that once I wrote, a week before your delivery, and since then it has always been saved as a draft.
It’s a very honest piece and I think it deserves to be posted, as you might want to read this one day.
So you would know, I’ve always loved you since the very start πŸ™‚

Kuta, December 5th 2012
Hey #nagakecil sayang, how are you inside?
Firstly, I just want you to know that I really cannot believe that you’re almost around!
39 weeks ago, I was looking forward to this day and it seemed like forever.
But now, oh my…. you’ll be around just within days away
Time flies, indeed :’)

I’ve written once before that you are my miracle…., something that impossible but happens anyway.
And now, 9 months after, I still feel the same way. You are my MIRACLE!

Remember, you once were this small on your 20 weeks :’)
And I remember had a teary eyes seeing you moving inside, so happily.

Yes, I have to say that having you is a bit surprising and out of plan, but please keep this in your mind, it doesn’t mean that you are unwanted and undesired!
Never thought of myself become a mother yet, but since the very first day I knew, I already WANT you so bad.

It’s been such a tough journey starting then, if you can remember.
Giving up Seattle, going back home with no exact plan, got into argument with your daddy, moving to Bali to start a new life…
But it’s all worth the ride, you’re just too precious for me.
Yes, there was time when I felt like I almost gave up and quit the fight, but then it was you that strengthen me.
All that I know, I have to fight for you, no matter what πŸ™‚
And soon I’ll see you smile at me and nothing will matter any longer.

You are my #nagakecil, jagoan kecil kesayangan mama…
I have to say, having you is changing my life in a good way.
Though there’s a lot of unsure phases, lot of tears and worries, but I know all of it changed and shaped me into a better person than before.
As you might know one day, your mom ini bandelnya ga ketulungan.
I’m a flirter, a ‘kutu loncat’, ‘ga bisa diatur’, which in some ways made your dad once almost gave up on me.

I’m not proud of it, that was one chapter in my life that I hardly quitted.
But since you’re around, in just a blink of eye, you changed me πŸ™‚
Thank you!

Your due date is on December 14th, can be earlier or later…
But anytime you feel you’re ready to come, I’m ready as well.

The world is cruel, but don’t worry, I will protect you with my life.
Grow up happily and wisely, be strong, be tough, yet still… be kind. I know you will be, because you’re my son πŸ™‚
There will be heartless people make harsh comments about you now and then, soon or later, but please listen to this…
No matter what they say, I’m proud of having you, I’m proud of you πŸ™‚ Nothing in this world can change that fact!
I love your daddy so much, he’s the man that I love the most…
That’s why you’re here inside.

I knew I loved you, even before I meet you.
So yah, till then #nagakecil. I guess, I’ll see you pretty soon πŸ™‚


Mama loves you so much.
Cinta mama melimpah ruah buat kamu :*

Tons of love, to the moon and all the way back,


So there it is.
And after all of this time…
masih selalu, cinta itu melimpah ruah untukmu πŸ™‚


#30HariMenulisSuratCinta Day 2